All-In-1 Hooper Complete System

SKU - 680-150
All-In-1 Hooper Complete System

Product Details

The All-In-1 Hooper takes the guessing and measuring out of hooping! Simply line up the hoop marker to the size garment on the board. Clip your backing, put your garment on the board, press down and your item is hooped!
Accommodates Male & Female. Adult, Youth, and child sizes. The Sleeve Board does backs of caps, pockets, newborn clothes, and of course sleeves (and more!). The All-In-1 Hooper handles all hoop sizes INCLUDING Large Square/rectangle Hoops. Even make your own custom locations on the board for specialty jobs. It truly is the All-in-1 Choice!


-All-In-1 Hooping Board
-Leveler Pro Mounting Board
-User Manual & USB Training Videos
-Extra Location Stickers for specialty jobs.
-Secure Mounting Clamps
-Replacement Leverler Pro Brackets (Extra Bonus!)
-Additional Placement Pins, Screws, Clips (Extra Bonus!)
-Large Tubular Brackets
-Large Backing Holder w/clips for wider jobs
-Even Melco hoop adaptors if needed!